I use Stan's ZTR Crest wheels (29er) with Maxxis Maxxlite tires and light weight tubes as my commuter/pathway/hardpack wheels and tires.

Am I crazy for using tubes vs Stan's tire sealant? My thinking was that the tubes would require less frequent air filling and be easier to fix in the event of a puncture.

I guess the real question is...assuming the Maxxlite tires will work well with the Stan's sealant, how much weight could I expect to shed by removing the tubes? IIRC, the tubes are ~130g each but obviously the sealant adds weight. I think the ZTR wheels already have the correct tubeless rim strips installed from the factory.

Was there some chatter about the Maxxlite 310 tire sidewall construction being too porous to work well as a tubeless tire?