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    Stans ZTR Crest 29er Stock Wheelset Review

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    That review was too funny! Reviewer FatBob stated he was 20 pounds over the maximum 190 pounds, or 210 pounds and riding an aggressive cross country style.

    Stans Catalog lists the Crest wheelset as for cross country and light trail use. Stans website lists a maximum rider weight of 190 pounds, and says the wheels are "perfect for racing or cross country riding."

    Could the reviewer have been over-riding the wheels, beyond their intended use?
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    I want my 5 minutes back.
    That was crap... total crap... start to finish.
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    I agree with what the reviewer said about the build quality. My friends set was crap and had to be completely retensioned. A few of the spokes were "flapping" around like what the review said.

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    I have had a set of the 26" version for almost a year now and have been problem free. *Do not use their skewers. They ride great and have had several tires mounted up on them, all went on very easy.

    My new set of 29'r crests that came in last week showed up with a front wheel that was not straight. LBS took care of it, but was a little disappointed with their quality control. Mounted up a set of Ikons on them and hit the trails with over 1lb off the bike. Hopefully they will be as durable as the smaller set.

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    Wow, there seem to be allot of Stan's fans here defending the brand which is fine, I get the impression that overal they make a very competitive product. The review didn't seem all that bad to me. He was straight up with regards to the wheels, the riders weights and the type of riding. I think his only criticism was fair regarding the loose spokes and the wheel flex is known for stronger or more aggressive riders. He is over the weight limit but not grossly and the other rider was inder and he too had issues with spokes loosening. I agree with his conclusion that perhaps the build wasn't up to par.

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