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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyGuy View Post
    Getting closer... popped the tires off (making a bit of a Stan's bukkake in the process),

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyGuy View Post
    Getting closer... popped the tires off (making a bit of a Stan's bukkake in the process), scrubbed down, retaped building up a bit more and put the tires back on (does everyone else have such a problem getting their tires on their rims?!? The ones in the Stans video he slips on by hand and I was wrestling with tire levers for a half hour convinced I was going to rip the tire or my rim apart... as a side note I did add the step of tubing it for a night to get the tire shaped up, which reminded me why I'm going through these growing pains since I pinch flatted two tubes with the tire lever during the wrestling match), soaped up, compressor seated. I work from home so kept them in my office space and did the Stan's Groove (shake, shake, shake, Mtb Maracas!) and then lying level all day long shaking and flipping them about every 15min. THOUGHT I had them sealed up good and then tried to bring up the air pressure this am and I started blowing air out the bead at 30psi. GRRR.... more shaking I guess... (no more pinched tubes.... no more thorn flats... no more pinched tubes... no more thorn flats...)...
    That's odd that the tires were a biatch to get on but blew at 30 psi. What will the same tires hold (pressure) on the same rims with a tube? This process shoudn't take nearly this long at all. Are the tires UST but the rims are not?
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    Both rims and tires are listed as Tubeless compatible. It's a new set (doing a 650b conversion) so haven't run them on the trail tubed, but did have tubes in them overnight for shaping purposes to get any potential kinks out from being folded - had the tubes up to about 45 I think for that.

    Did seem to be holding pressure (as they just lie there), but after being out tonight I came home to a rather deflated front tire. Pumped back up by hand and could hear a few faint hisses so shook and the hisses stopped and if I spread soapy water on them no micro bubbles or anything so seems to be holding pressure again... but sheesh already!

    **Morning Update**
    Front low again Seems as long as I'm shaking them regularly they'll hold some pressure, but not if left alone... not sure if this would translate to holding pressure on the trail - they'll certainly get shaken up, but also be experiencing a weight load and impacts, lateral torques, etc. Guess only one way to find out...
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