Looking at a new wheel set for my XCL. I'm trying to keep the weight around 1700 grams and want to run 2.3-2.4 tires. The Xyclone disc matches my weight requirements but I'm concerned that the rim is too narrow for the tires I want to run. Has anyone tried wider tires on these rims? I'll probably start out with 2.4 Conti Mountain King Supersonics.

The Enduro's weigh more but I won't have the tire size restrictions. Also, they may be a bit overkill since I'm not doing huge drops (2-3 feet at most). However, they'll still be almost 400 grams lighter than my current wheel set (XT's w/321's).

The Havoc's are also an option as they're around the same weight as the Enduro's. They have a great reputation so far and will allow me to run just about any tire I want.

What do you think? Thanks,