I just received my new Spinergy Xyclone Disc wheelset. When I ordered the wheelset from the retailer I specified that the front hub needs to be convertible to a 9 mm QR axle. However, after inspecting the wheelset I noticed that the hub is actually convertible to only the traditional 5 mm QR size. I called Spinergy direct -- the company informed me that they have adapters for converting a 20 mm or 15 mm axle to the 5mm QR axle but not to the rarer 9 mm QR axle.

Is there a "universal" adapter that will convert a 20 mm axle hub to fit the "truly" 9 mm QR axle? I have seen 20/15 mm to 9 mm QR adapters from other manufacturers, but when I actually look at the adapter it is for the 5 mm QR not the rarer 9 mm QR axle. Is the traditional QR axle (5 mm) often mistaken for the thicker 9 mm QR axle? It seems like many manufacterers use the term "9 mm QR" when they actually mean the 5 mm QR.

I previously had a Specialized Stumpjumper with Specialized / DT Swiss hubs that used the 9 mm QR up front. I had hoped that I could use this 9 mm QR axle. However, I may have to revert to using the smaller 5 mm QR axle if it is the only small size axle that will fit in the front hub with an adapter.