I've got a set of Specialized Crossroads Armadillo that I used when my poor mtb was a motorized bicycle (had the bike since jr high and at the start of college wanted a motorcycle - I have a motorcycle now ^_^) and didn't want any more flats. Since then, I've cleaned up my bike and it's now a decent mountain bike.

I want to get into more aggressive trail riding and maybe freeriding, how would these tires hold up? I've been using some cheapo 26x1.95in mtb tires that came stock on a department store bike but figure that I might as well use the crossroads since they were high dollar (in my college budget anyways).

I was looking at getting some Kenda Small Block 8s since they seem to be a very well liked tire. How do the 8s hold up on pavement?

I ride everyday to my university which is about 5 miles and I have been hitting the wuss trails (the less scary ones) on the weekends. It's spring break now so I hope to hit them as much as I can and eventually test my skills with the real mtbikers! I'm basically looking for a good all around tire since I don't want to have to change tires every time I want to hit the trails after school or whenever.


EDIT: After checking Specialized website, i believe my tires are the Crossroads Armadillo Reflect (based on the writing on the sidewall in the picture matches the writing on mine. I have no idea what the difference between the different versions are though).