See ad for photos, and bottom of add for wheelset/hubs:
29" Reba RLT Ti 140mm X2, King/Flow Wheelset - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories

I have two Reba 140 RLT Ti 29 inch forks for sale.
Both are 2010 models.
Both have a tapered steer tube.
Both have a 20mm Maxle front axle.
Both can be adjusted internally from 100-140mm of travel.
Both work fine and have perfect stanchions.
Both could probably use an oil change, but not critically.
Neither leak air or oil.

Here are the differences:

Fork #1 is noted in the first three photos. This fork is less used, but does have some scratches on the lowers (noted in pics).

Steerer is longer at 7.5 inches.

Lowers are centered/straight.

Price $325 shipped

Fork #2 is in the second four photos. It came from the factory with a common flaw on these forks with the lower being uncentered a couple millimeters. It does not affect ride at all, but may affect tire clearance depending on the tire used. Rockshox will replace the lowers if you are on good terms with your local shop, but many times the replacements are also uncentered. Do a search and you will see than uncentered lowers on this fork should probably be considered a normal variant. I just dished my wheel a millimeter and had it centered and rode on.

This fork is more used and the lowers have worse scratches on them (noted in photos).

Steer tube is shorter at 6.25 inches.

Price $275

You may make me an offer on either and I won't be offended.

In addition, I have a burly wheelset to sell.

Chris King 36 hole ISO disc hubs, 20mm front, 150X12mm TA rear, laced to 29 inch Flow rims with some sort of triple butted spoke.

They are tough, the rims are scratched and have sealant residue on them, the hubs are nearly perfect. If you just want the hubs, I will cut them out and it will help me on shipping, the rims are functional, but not perfectly straight.

$400 firm shipped with or without the rims attached.

Thanks for looking.