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    Source for WTB Frequency i19 or i23 builds?


    Can you help me hunt up a solid source for this wheelset? My requirements: either the i19 or i23 rim, and a great rear hub (doesn't have to be Hadley or King, but need plenty of engagement, so no X9 or XT); I don't care so much about the front hub (and I have a King hub I can replace it with). I don't care where they come from, as I'll true and tension them when they arrive.

    I haven't been able to find the parts separately on the cheap, so I'm looking for a wheelset; if you know of a parting option, feel free to let me know. I'd love to spend ~500-600 bucks on them, max, but that may be impossible.
    Here's the best I've found so far; e13 hubs on the i19:
    Art's Cyclery Pro Build Pro 29 XC Wheelset

    Big thanks.

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    How much engagement do you need? XT 785 hub has 36 poe and can be found pretty reasonably priced. I think if you search a bit, for less than the range you specified you can find i19 rims, DT spokes/nipples and XT 785 hubs and then you can build them yourself (which I'm guessing is not an issue if you are talking true and tension yourself).

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