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    Upset So, I bought a cracked DT Hugi FR hubs

    Hi all!

    I asked for info about DT Hugi FR hubs last week and went to buy the used wheelset.

    After carefully checking everything, I bought it and when I got home and hour later, I saw a damn crack in the flange. The wheelset is pretty old but it's supposed to be new. There is not a scratch on anything and the rims are scratch-free.

    I really wanted to keep that wheelset, but I guess I'm pretty much SOL. The guy wants to give me my money back, but is there anything DT Swiss could do ? Anyone had similar things happen with used hubs ?

    Just had to vent out a bit!


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    If the guy you purchased them from is offering you money back...take it.

    If he is the original owner and has a receipt then he might get the hub warrantied (but it will still need to be rebuilt).

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    yeah, I'm lucky that he wants to refunds me, but it was such a stupid cheap price , I wish the hub was good. I practically bought the wheelset for the rear hub so there's no point of keeping it. I won't try to warranty it since they must be 5-6 years old and I don't think he still has the receipt.

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    Get the refund.
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