Raced Breck 100 yesterday. 2 flats, one front and one rear on lap 2. I brought plenty of tubes and air, so just cost me a little time, part of racing, chose the wrong tires They were slices right through tread portion of the tire. Stans couldn't seal them. Rocket Ron on front and Racing Ralph on rear. Snakeskin, which I just read is on sidewall only.

Anyway, I need to make some sort of change. One option is to try the double-defense from Schwalbe. Anyone have any experience with this?

The other option would be switching to Maxxis. I notice they have Silkworm protection, which is 200g lighter than their LUST tire. Does anyone have any thoughts or info on the puncture / slice protection on their LUST vs. Silkworm? Maxxis site isn't much help.