A few weeks back I broke my shoulder (proximal fracture of the humerus) quite badly after coming off my bike onto a concrete road. The front tyre punctured; I felt the bike go spongy but didn't think it would be a puncture as I had self-sealing tubes back and front. Seconds later I was on the floor with a broken shoulder looking at a flat front tyre. I won't cover the full story but I feel hard done by. There were a couple of tiny thorns through the tyre and into the tube - should my "slime" style tube have punctured? Is this common? What about age - the tubes were maybe a couple of years old; and the brand Nutrak http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/M...x?ModelID=7992 which I heard was better than Slime. I am now thinking ahead to when I can resume riding ( a couple of months yet, I fear) and wondering if it is worth fitting self sealing tubes. Any thoughts?
Lightning does not often strike twice, but I am also looking at armour, if anyone has any suggestions.