looking at a new set of wheels for my sette razzo 29er. my other bike is a epic expert carbon and it came with the roval control wheels with the dt rear hub. i am very impressed with this wheelset. they seem much stiffer than the pair of 26 inch crest i had on my anthem. the 26inch crest were really flexy and i am only 170 and not really a abusive or hammering type of rider. is the crest 29 version just as flexy and soft?

i am hoping a new wheelset will make the bike a little bit more snappy, obviously it isn't an expensive bike but i feel the only thing holding it back is a decent set of wheels. the set on it weigh 2210grams and those loose ball bearing hubs roll like complete crap compared to the sealed cartridge bearing hubs.

my other question is how much is a set of roval controls costing someone nowadays?