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    Racing Ralph 29er 2.25 or 2.4?


    Got a question for you tire gurus out there. I am wondering which tire size I should go with. The Racing Ralph 2.25 or 2.4?

    Here is the bike setup:
    Kona Unit 2-9
    Rocking it SS
    Have a F29 on the front
    Currently using an Ignitor on the back and a Rampage on the front

    I am really happy with the Ignitor. And I don't have any complaints about the Rampage really but I want to replace it with something that is lighter and rolls faster. The Racing Ralph seems like an excellent choice for this.

    My riding style is aggressive. Do hit some 2-3 ft drops on the bike. A lot of rocks and roots here in Germany. Very similar to riding on the East Coast.

    I live in Germany right now. So, a mixed bag of some wet trail days and some dry.

    I would appreciate any thoughts ya'll can throw out.


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    Type of riding you describe suggests you may want to stick with the rampage. Or get a Conti mountain king. I've used the 2.25 Racing ralph for XC racing only and it has held up well. If you live where you've got really sticky mud, the RR packs up fast and the better tire for the mud is the Conti, it's even better at shedding mud than the Rampage. RR's don't like the slippery roots that much. For dry days and fast courses I pick the RR, when its wet or rocky I go with the Conti's. Both sets are on stan's rims and work well on those rims.

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