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    PLEASE HELP! What are these Challenge tubular tires? 26 or 27.5 or 29er??

    I purchased Challenge The One tubular tires that the seller ad and insist they are 26 inch tires.

    When I got them, I am very confused, "Are these really 26inch tubular tires???"

    I think they are 27.5 or 29er tubular tires.

    Please refer to these pictures, and seller's insistence.

    Anybody help to exact specific way HOW to differentiate these tire size and give some proof for the reason?
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    Why don't you put it on the rim and inflate to pressure. You don't need to glue them to check the fit. If you've got old glue on the rim clean that off first. If they don't fit then send them back.

    You may find that the tread doesn't stretch as much (if at all) as the sidewall/inside, so when inflated to pressure they will get smaller on the inside.

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