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    Please help me pick some new rims for my Wicked Fat

    Hi all,

    I'm repurposing my old MTB into a SS around town bike - setting aside the oldDeore XT (M730)/ Mavic Oxy M6 wheels and building up some White Eno hubs - I just need to figure out what rim. Since I have nice hubs, I'm willing to put extra $$ to get light wheels, but I do weigh 170 - so not crazy light. Even though it's a city bike, I will be riding down stairs whenever possible, so nothing delicate.

    Here are the requirements:
    32 hole
    RIM brake
    Must come in the fastest color - black
    Wide enough to deal with fat-ish tires (I currently have some 2.1's on there)

    By the way, the bike is my old Wicked Fat Chance that I bought new when I was in college - back in 1987 (dang I'm old). Bike is almost all original, with the exception of the fork, which I bent - and replaced with a Fat City Big One Inch. The drivetrain finally quit being fixable, so I decided to SS it with an Eno Eccentric. It works REALLY well so far, but I'm running some disc only rims temporarily, and I need to switch to a permanent setup.

    Looking forward to hearing your picks! Thanks in advance.


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    rim brakes,hmmm....Mavic XM series...sub 500 grams per wheel...19mm internal width

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    A couple other options are the Mavic XC 717 Universal Cycles -- Mavic XC 717 Rim 2014 and the Velocity Aero Heat Rim Universal Cycles -- Velocity Aero Heat Rim.

    There is also the Alex X202, which is heavier than both of the ones I listed, it's main advantage being cheap, but that doesn't appear to be high on you list of requirements. Universal Cycles -- Alex X202 Rims

    SunRingle also have some, but they don't fall into the lightweight category.

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    Good ole' SunRingle Rhino Lite's A little heavy, but they make up for it with strength
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