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    Panaracer Fire Xc Pro Ust Problem

    I took my new to me bike out for a ride.. its got ust bontranger racelites with panaracer fire xc pro's - I ended up being about 5 k out and i could feel the rear end washing out.. flat tire. The pressure was set at 42 lbs front and rear.

    What happened to the tire was that one block has a nice slice in it, if I was running a sealant would that have fixed that problem? Or could it be due to the tire ?

    Is there a better tire to replace them with to prevent this?



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    There really isn't much you can do to....

    prevent ALL flats even with UST tires. Sealant might have helped, it depends on how big the slice is. I doubt seriously that it was the tire that caused the problem. A slice in a tire is usually caused by a sharp object that the tire came in contact with. Even with tubless tires it is HIGHLY recommended that you carry a patch kit, tube, and a means to inflate the tire!

    Anyway, a UST tire with sealant is a good way to avoid punctures and small slices in the tread leaving you walking. But given a large enough puncture or slice and you'll neet to patch or install a tube to get back. The problem with sealant is that should you get a puncture that the sealant won't seal, patching is not a trail option as patches won't stick to rubber coated with sealant. So the tube option is the only way to go.

    Bottom line is sealant may or may not have helped. With sealant the size of the cut or puncture is everything. To big of a hole and you're still gonna walk. So carry a tube and a quikflate or frame pump, or some comfortable walking shoes. UST tires are not flat proof, and no sealant will seal every hole.

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