Hi guys. I recently dinged my Mavic 317 rim, laced to a DT Swiss Onyx hub. My LBS said they'd lace on a new 717 rim to my old hub for about $125. My hub already has about 3-4000 miles on it in very though, sandy conditions. It still rolls pretty smoothly, but the freehub body is developing some play. I also never cared for the engagement much- I believe it is 18 point.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to shell out $125 for wheels with old hubs, and I usually upgrade after I break something. After looking around the site for a while, I discovered Mike Garcia at oddsandendos.com. I really like his wheelset with the Velocity VXC rims with WTB Laser Disc light rear hubs for $203.

However, I've found VERY mixed opinions here about the durability of the WTB American Classic hubs. If they're at least as durable as my Onyx hubs in the sand and on occasional stream crossings, I'd like them since they're new and quite a bit lighter. Dependability is important to me though. It seems the WTB/AC hub is constantly being refined as well, so maybe the new one is OK.

So...any opinions on if the new hub is worth the extra $78, or if I should just stick with my old one and rebuild it when it is time. Any other wheelset or hub suggestions? I'd like to keep my price around $200...maybe $260 max.

Also, I'm sure I'm going to get the King crowd chiming in, so I'll say this: While King is a great hub made by a great company in my home town of Portland, it is...
1) More money than I want to spend on my entire wheel, let alone a single hub
2) More durable than I really need a hub to be. I'll get a new bike every 4 or 5 years, and they usually come with new hubs.
3) Too noisy
4) Too draggy

I'd be interested if they were less expensive, but for that kind of money I don't want something that is noisy and draggy.