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    Which one is the Light tubeless setup

    Hi been searching but it get confusing, which one would weight less on average

    UST rim UST tire and some slime
    Regular rim, tape and tubeless ready tire plus slime
    Tubeless ready rim tubeless tire and slime
    UST rim, tubeless tire and slime
    I will use slime I live in a high thorn area.

    Are those the right term or did I mixed them up?
    I read UST tire are heavy compared to the same no UST but most of the thread are 2012 so don't know if that still the norm.
    Then what would be the lightest tubeless setup?
    Also the hand pump method only works on the UST?
    Or also on the tubeless ready.


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    Which one is the Light tubeless setup

    Of your options regular rim, tape and tubeless ready tire is the lightest. There are plenty of non-tubeless ready tires that work great tubeless though which are even lighter such as the continental race sports. UST is generally by far the heaviest.

    As far as tubeless and a hand pump goes it just totally depends on your rim and tire and how well they like each other. On my rims some tires brands I can mount with a hand pump and others I can't even mount with a compressor. You can use a CO2 if you need as well.

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    My prefered setup is UST (or UST like) rim + TLR tire + slime.

    Light, reliable, simple.

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    Part of the reason to go tubeless is to run lower air pressure. So, you do not want to run a regular rim with air-tight tire plus sealant for a tubeless setup - this will be prone to burping (tire will unseat when it hits bumps).

    Look at the weight of the tubeless ready wheels and UST wheels for a comparison. Tubeless ready tires and tube-type tires are as much as 200g lighter than UST tires. If you are riding a 29er and choose Stan's rims do not use a UST tire or TCS tire - they are too tight.

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