I wanted to put in a review of this tire, but there wasn't an appropriate listing.

I have been riding in New England most of the winter with a pair of these on my Truth. I run them way below the recommended pressure (32psi - where they say 50) with ultra light tubes on sharp exposed rocks. Not one flat! I have taken them out on over 30 rides - all pretty much the same: 10 minutes of pavement and 45-90 minutes of snow, ice, rocks, mud, roots, leaves/pine needles. Lots of rollercoaster XC style riding. After all that riding - not one stud is missing! These tire hook up unbelievably well on everything that I threw at them - this combined with fairly low weight (700g for a 2.1) means that I am going to ride them until there is absolutely no ice anywhere on my local trail. These tires are rather spendy ($89) and hard to find, but they have been worth thier weight in gold as I have basically been riding the whole winter through.

Now, I know that winter is almost gone (and I am actually bummed about it!), but I am going to try to find these on sale somewhere during the summer just to have a second set!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that they held up so well and would highly recommend them - 5 chillis for function - 4 for value