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    Newbie: 1st time changing to non-stock tire

    Hey cats,

    I'm no newbie to riding, but I'm not much of a gear head. I've been riding a 2010 Trek Fuel EX5 since it came out, and I've noticed that my wheels wash out far more than my ride buddies. After getting 3 flats in my last 2 rides (sharp rocks in New England), I took a look at my wheels and realized just how worn my tread was.

    I'm a XC rider in New England (Massachusetts, specifically) at 5'11" and 190, so I ride hard on climbs and typical XC trails -- lots of roots and rocks around here. I had been riding the stock WTB tires, and on a spur, I picked up a pair of Kenda Excavators this week.

    So my question is... what can I or should I expect about differences in changing tires for the first time? I know I'm going to need to be very aware of cornering, climbing, braking, and paying attention to rolling resistance... are there any tips regarding putting them on or seating them that you learn over time versus what I've already discerned from Zimm's MTB Maintenance and YouTube videos?

    Thanks for your help, guys!

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    Changing tyres is pretty easy. If I were you I'd get some tire levers just in case though.

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    Rims are usually smaller in radius at the center than at the edge. One thing that helps is to get the bead to the center of the rim all the way around, when pulling off or replacing the tire. It makes it quite a bit easier.

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    Thanks for the comments, guys - looking forward to this experience!

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