I did a search and couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm hoping someone can post a picture of the new 29er WWLT 2.5 next to the older 2.55. The stock photos on wtb's site can't really show the difference I'm looking for. I've read that the newer version is not as much a low-tread design and has deeper knobs, which really interests me. I'd like to be able to compare them visually, since I don't have any in person to look at.

The full tread 26" versions were my favorite tire back when I rode 26ers. When I build my KM years ago, the LT wasn't available yet, so I ran the Exiwolf. For my FS bike later, I skipped over the WW because I wasn't interested in a low tread - give me some knobs! But if the WW really does have deeper tread, I may be interested to look at it again.