• 07-15-2013
    New front tire suggestions?
    I'm going to replace my front tire soon. I've been on a Hans Dampf & would like to stick to a 2.3-2.35 with some sidewall reinforcement but a little less volume would be ok. Along with stiffer side knobs. Any suggestions?

    I'm thinking about the Michelin Wild Grip'r 2.35 but not sure if it's larger than the HD? I run the WG'r 2.25 in the rear & it shows virtually no wear after 6 months but it was easily punctured when I was running it tubeless. The 2.35 vers. is reinforced.

    I use Atomlab Pimplite rims & my local trails are mainly hardpack that turns very loose with rocky sections. I like tougher tires than my trails really need.

  • 07-17-2013
    trail king 2.4
  • 07-18-2013
    I also ride trails of mixed riding conditions. My front tire of choice is the Nevegal 2.35. I also like the Bronson and the Nobby Nic.
  • 07-18-2013
    I forgot about this thread. I just ordered the Minion DHF 2.5 to replace the HD as it is suppose to be smaller than the HD so figured I would give it a try. I ordered a 2.25 Ardent for the rear to replace my Wild Grip'r as I'm tired of messing with tubes . Both Maxxis tires are the EXO versions.

    I'd like to try Conti's but kind of paranoid that their 2.4 would be larger than I need.