on a new wheelbuild (on my first 29er). Last wheels were DT 240 Disc hubs, Mavic 717 rims, DT 15/16 spokes w/alloy nipples, 3X drive side, 2X everywhere else, tied and soldered (lets not get too off topic with that). With Stan's strips, these worked great under my 150 lb, smooth ridin', coss-country butt. Despite going to big wheels, I want to keep the rotating weight reasonable, but don't want them too flexy. I'm planning on DT 240 hubs again (always have worked for me, and I like the centerlock system) with Stans Olympic 29 rims. The question is spokes...15/16 was fine on 26", but I'm worried about the extra length on 29". Would going to 14/17 Revolutions 3X be suitable ? I'd like to stay with silver (have been told black spokes can't be tied and soldered, true ?) so Super Comps would be out. Last resort would be DT 14/15 . I know I'm splitting hairs, but its the final choice for my new build and my brain is tired. I did search through achives, and know the low tension rating on Stans rims, I just can't resist the low weight and no need for rubber sealing strip. Thanks for any input. Gregg