• 01-19-2013
    Minion DHF 2.35 2ply as tubeless on 823 rim ?
    Do you think or any experiences running DHF 2.35 2play as tubeless on Mavic 823 rim ?
    I used to have WTB Bronson 2.3 CTS (tubeless standard of WTB) at front, but yesterday punctured a side wall just underneath the rim edge. Sealant didn't help much either...
    No particular reason for that, just little bit of fun stuff jumping off street stairs and going up...
    Just loosing my confidence in WTB, after two brand new tyres leaking right from inside of the bricks, replaced by a third new that was fine till yesterday, previously another side cut on rear WTB (weirwolf), kept well less then few months...so looking getting back to Maxxis
    I'd like to go with DHF (do AM mostly, rocky gardens, etc...), but can't figure UST version available in 2.35 sizing.
    Instead see non-UST 2.35 2ply can be easily picked up and some mention it fits and runs UST quite well on UST rims. So, any experiences/opinions on that ?

    Thanks, Alex