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    Quote Originally Posted by trojan08 View Post
    JFL, I had a similar experience... Eventually took it to LBS and they removed my air valve core, bingo. Never really popped like my TR tires do as they're seating but so far so good. Kinda PITA process but if these tires are as good as people say they are, it'll be worth it. Interestingly the HRII (TR casing) seated super easy (less effort than WTB's TCS tires) with just a floor pump.
    Similar experience-- over the weekend I mounted the tire with a tube and filled it to max psi and let it sit for about half an hour. Then I deflated it, removed the tube (the bead on one side stayed locked), filled with Stan's, inserted a tubeless valve, removed the valve core and inflated with a floor pump. Worked like a charm. Beads popped and everything. Then I took it back to max psi so that when I pulled the pump head off the air couldn't escape fast enough to really deflate the tire, and was able to get the core back in with a lot of pressure left. Aired it back up and let it sit overnight at high pressure after taking a spin through the neighborhood and leaning hard in both directions. Given the reports of burping I wanted to really seat the mother.

    Took it out Sunday morning and ripped a few laps down Sandy Ridge (Mt. Hood, OR). This tire f'n RULES. It was greasy with lots of wet loam, rock gardens, some standing mud-- not the ideal condition for this tire, I've been told-- and it stayed locked into every lean better than my previous Butchers ever did, and certainly better than the HRII, which excels in those conditions. To be fair, I was riding standard Butchers, not the SX casing, and the casing makes a big difference. But at any rate, under sketchy conditions this tire had me riding more aggressively than I normally do in the dry. It only packed up with mud a little bit, not enough to affect anything.

    I ran it at 25psi. DHRII 2.3 60a in the rear at 27psi.

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    Running DHF 3C EXO 2.5 single ply on the front. Awesome tires in every ways. Never burp or converting tubeless issue. Only thing I dont like is how difficult it is to pop the bead off the rim (Easton Carbon Haven) so I can add more Stans goo. Requires Gorilla strength and 30+ minutes of struggle just to pop the bead off. I guess it's a good thing. If anyone has similar issue and has a suggestion on how to pop the bead (meaning break the seal) from rim let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLF1200 View Post
    I just tried to mount a 3C/EXO 2.5 DHF to a WTB Frequency i23 and completely failed. Did the typical Stans goop and air compressor deal. It didn't even begin to seat.
    The key to new tires with folding beads is to put your whole hand over the tread directly above the valve core and PUSH down as you hit the valve with an air compressor. This helps to push the tire beads against the rim to air up. I've never had a problem with DHF's and that's what I've been running for over 5 years.
    OR you can use a tube overnight which will form a new tire back into shape.

    Have FUN!

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