To start, I'm 195# and 6'2" tall. I ride XC trails that range from 7-30 miles long over rocky and sometimes sandy Arizona terrain. I compete in some 24 hour races (beer league) but nothing overly competetive. I typically lug another 5# along in my camelback.

I'm stumped which wheelset I should get for my next bike (an Intense 5.5).

1. Mavic Crossmax XL Disc (1805g) $649
2. Mavic Crossmax Enduro Disc (1835g) $499
3. Shimano XT Disc Hubs with Mavic X3.1 Disc Compatable Rims (2011g) $285

At my height/weight, will the CrossMax's be too flexy considering their radial spoke lacing? Is it worth the extra $150 to upgrade from the Enduro to the XL's?

Any help or comments would be appreciated.