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    Kenda Slant Six 29er's tires - feedback from first ride

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to give my feedback on these Kenda slant 6 tires.

    I have a fuji 1.9 Nevada 29er that I have converted to singlespeed. I upgraded the wheels to Mavic Crossrides a couple weeks ago and yesterday I mounted some Kenda slant six tires. I kept debating on getting the Kenda navegals or the schwalbe nobby nics. I went to performance bicycle and talked to one of the guys there and he recommended the slant six for what I wanted. Better cornering was the main thing I needed and a little more grip for the hills. I had the stock tires that came with the bike. Couldn't go too fast in hard pack with loose dirt on top. Would keep trying to slide out from under me. I would also get some spin out while going up hill. I managed but I knew I was wasting energy.

    I set up these new slant 6's the ghetto tubeless way with Stan's brew. Fairly easy. Took a few minutes to seal up good but otherwise straight forward set up. My fiancÚ and I headed out to the trails today and I gave it a test run. The trail I rode has hard pack, loose over hardback, technical, rocks gardens, uphill and downhill, lots of switchbacks, etc. a good trail to test it out on. I started out on the hardpack with loose dirt on top. I started out slow and worked my speed up. I could immediately feel the difference. I kept wanting to break before the turn so I wouldn't slide so bad but these tires did what I needed. Cornering was excellent and I could ride faster. I kept trying to cut the turns faster and sharper. The tires just hooked up nicely. Very few times did the tires slide and if they did, they hooked up quick and pulled me out. Only happened once or twice. I ran the tires at about 30psi each. Seemed to work good. May try a little more psi next time but not much. I felt like they had a little more rolling resistance but could be because I ran them with lower psi than my other tires. I then purposely headed to some rocky uphill section and I couldn't believe how much easier it was. Didn't slip at all. I couldn't believe it. Downhill was good and downhill turns as well. It just felt great. I then headed to a steep hill that was hard packed dirt. The kind of hill that you can barely walk up because you just end up sliding back down. I couldn't believe I made it up the hill. I never made it up before because it was so slippery from the dirt. Now I'm feeling good and Ive picked up the pace and headed to some loose rock section with lots of turns and up and down switchbacks. Wow, amazing!! I felt like superman flying down the trail then I come to this small downhill with a sharp right turn and a short burst up hill to follow. In the turn is a lot of loose gravel and I take it fast and hard. BAM!! I finally go down sliding in the turn but it was different. I could tell the tires grabbed as much as they could but there was no way I would of made it at that speed with that much loose rock in the turn. I just forgot careful i needed to be in that particular turn. It wasn't a horrible wreck. Both tires slid and I was still clipped into the bike. I got up dusted myself off and blasted away down the trail with a smile on my face. I was worried about getting these tires because they don't have very large knobs on them but man they do the job. The outside knobs are Slightly bigger than the center ones. I'm definitely sold on these tires. I got them on sale for about $45 each. I've seen them at other places for $60 each. My first time ever purchasing a decent set of tires. I had no idea it made such a big difference. Hope this helps someone that might be wondering about this tires set.

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    I am looking at getting a set of these. Thanks for the review!

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    Bump! I know this was a while ago...

    I'm curious if you've had any issues with the Stan's sealant... I know folks have been using Stan's in spite of what Kenda says, bit there are mixed repotrs on some tires blistering - though I've never heard of the Slant Six blistering.

    A long term report would be most useful! Thanks!
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