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    Is the Kenda Excavator really faster rolling than the Nevagal?

    I switched my front tire from a 2.5 single ply stick e nevegal to a 2.35 DTC excavator and sure, I save ~150 grams, but I'm not totally sure i did much in the rolling resistance page.

    In comaparing a 2.35 nevegal to 2.35 excavator, the nob on the excavator are much bigger - taller, and less ramped, and seem farther apart. I noticed for sure on the pavement that the excavator is a loud tire.

    I thought i read on the german tire test that the excavator measured 41 watts and the nevegal was off the charts above 50 watts.

    I was hoping to get a few responses on what you guys all are thinking for which tire rolls faster - they both have tons of grip but I'm starting to wonder if the 2.35 neve would be even faster than the 2.35 excavator that i replaced the 2.5 neve with.

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    LOL, yeah, that excavator sounds like a 4X4 truck tire on pavement, I've been running a full sticky 2.35 in front that I picked up at sea otter a couple years ago. I like how the tire performs a lot, seems to hold corners better than a nevegal. Can't give a comparison about rolling resistance tho, I haven't used a nev. for a while....

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    second my loud ass excavators on pavement. performs well in mixed mountain/desert conditions out here.

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    I like the Excavator for its grip but I find its rolling resistance HUGE when the pace picks up...I would say for me it is even slower than the Nevegal. When spinning over 12-15 mph my legs get wasted and I'm dropped by my group...never happened when I rode Spec Captain Controls ! I'm also 2 gears lower for the same effort.

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