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    Innova tires? Ever hear of them?

    I'm looking for alternatives to nokian studded tires with out paying the nokian price.
    (I've had too many bad experiences w/ nokians)

    Anyone hear anything about these things?
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    I bought a set last winter. My lbs was out of nokians so they were my only option.
    They work really well, lots of grip. My only complaint is I've lost quite a few studs, but only from the rear. My guess is when the tire locks when braking they can pull out. I read on another forum however that these tires can be re-studded. They didn't give any details though.

    If I could have, I would have put a nokian on the back to save the hassle. I haven't even lost 1 stud from the front.

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    mhavn't tried the innova, but i tried the schwable, nokians were better.

    If I remeber correctly the innova stud is not tungston carbide but steel and wears out faster.

    Nokian studs do not wear out.

    yup steed studs, that are replaceable, so are nokians, if you have an old tire you just pull them out and insert in the tire you a fixing.

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    How are the Continental Spike Claw or Kenda Klondike in comparison? Studs still pull out?

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