I love riding and I like my stuff to match my personality. So, I had some wheels built (Casey @ AJ's Bike and Boards in Valrico, Fl).

My first wheelset has Profile Racing Elite hubs with Arch EX rims (Red, black and white) and are mounted to my Giant Trance X1.

The 2nd set are I Nine Torch Classics with Stans Flow rims (Orand and Blue) mounted to my Kona Honzo SS

I have read a lot of information about quality, drag and longevity regarding hubs and it seems that everyone has an opinion. Rightly so. My opinion is that both set-ups are virtually identical so far. Yes, the Profiles have more engagement points and are louder than the I Nine. Both feel about the same as far as drag goes. It's there but not really noticeable. Quality appears very nice with both. Longevity is to be determined. I'm impressed with both and think that antone else would be too. Name:  IMG wheel.jpg
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