• 11-15-2012
    I cannot decide what hubs!!! DT 340, e13 TRS+, Chris King?
    Ok so i am about to build up a set of the chinese carbon wheels for my all mountain rig(Santa Cruz Nomadc). Now i have been searching and thinking of what hubs i would like to use. I think for spokes i am going to go with CX-Ray spokes with some gold nipples. So i am down to the hub choice do i reuse my 340 hubs that i have now? I have been using them for about 4 years with zero problems, e13 TRS+ hubs with large flanges, carbon centers, 10mm thru rear axle is a nice option, And well the good ol' bling king ISO Chris King? gold of course nice that they have the 10mm axle also. thoughts please?
  • 11-16-2012
    I like 340s and have four rear and two front wheels with them. I bought them on sale or used so paid much less than retail (24h rear $55). If you have the money, go for more bling. Yet, you could always save your money and spend it on a new fork. Don't forget that you could let me take care of your 340s until they retire.

  • 11-16-2012
    Fix the Spade
    Depends how much you want to spend.

    Unless they're damaged there isn't really an objective reason not to keep using the DT hubs, but then again bling is bling.

    One thing to note about the E13 hubs, they scream like banshees. I can't find the video now but there's one floating about where the user puts a sound meter up to a TRS hub, it made 98 decibels!
    Kings are relatively quiet next to that.
  • 11-16-2012
    Zen Cyclery
    Well, I usually go by the saying, if it aint broke, dont fix it.

    However, the Kings would be a solid upgrade. Your not only buying yourself a nice hubset, but a 5 year warranty, and a great company to back.

    I must say I am a bit skeptical about the rims though. I have read some horror stories over on RBR...