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    help with DT240s hubs. took it for service and now it doesn't seem right.

    hello all, I have a set of wheels built by dave. dt240s hubs, they're about 4 years old and i've noticed an increase in sound from the rear hub and less free roll. I figured they needed regreasing after so many miles and years. took it to a bike shop and the tech said he took out the the rear hub and noticed it was dry so he greased it and said the bearings were fine in the rear and he stated he replaced the bearing in the front hub. So I got the rear wheel back on and the clicking sound is hardly there now(the dt240s hum) and the free roll is way less now. Did the tech damage my hub?

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    Re-greasing lots of rear hubs, especially the DT 240, quietens them down lots. So that's not a problem. Remove the wheel from the bike and turn the axle with the fingers. That will tell you whether the bike shop person did something wrong.

    You should re-lube that 240 yourself as it's a 2-minute (tops) no-tool job. I could do it trailside while you had a pee if I had a blob of grease.
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    What Mike T. said. The DT is not a loud hub if properly greased (with a small dab of DT's pink grease, slick honey, whatever).

    If it's dry, it will buzz fairly loudly.

    Regarding the rolling resistance, I'm guessing that's just a new bearing that needs to break in for a bit.

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    Make sure he used DT grease or something equivalent. If he used heavy grease it will feel like there is tons of drag.

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    Sounds like too much or too thick grease

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