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    Gorilla tape airtight immediately after install?

    I'm about to take delivery of a new wheelset from Enve, which I understand
    includes Gorilla tape to cover the internal spoke holes to create an airtight
    seal for tubeless use, and was wondering if the tape is good to use immediately
    after it's installed or perhaps do I need to run tubes for a while to help mash
    down the tape for better adhesion with the rim.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should be fine

    I have used Gorilla tape instead of stan's, etc 3x no issues immediately. The air will provide the pressure that the tube would do. I just moved to stans because I like to do 2 wraps for safety around the spoke/nipple holes and after 2 passes the Gorilla Tape is a lot heavier.

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    Tape the rims at room temperature (tape and rims warm, not left out in the cold garage) and make sure you do a good job pressing the tape down along the entire bed. You should be good to go after that. Gorilla tape adheres really well when warm and much better than Stans tape IME.

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    what Bike Whisperer said...keep the tape in the house and make sure the rims are clean.

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    But, I have found Stanís tape to be as well after cleaning with denatured alcohol. I find gorilla tape to be pretty messy. It can be difficult to get the adhesive off your rim if you need to change a spoke etc. Not sure I would use that on such $$ wheels.
    Also I tried to use gorilla for rim tape on my touring bike with a tube at about 70psi and the tube and gorilla tape blew through a rim hole and of course flattened.
    Stan's or equivalent is not much more expensive, cleans up easy, and has crazy tensile strength.
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    If you want the tape to really stick right away, use a hair dryer. Work your way around warming it up after you apply the tape, pressing it down with firm pressure. After it cools, it'll be stuck really well.

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