• 06-24-2014
    Good tire for rooty, sometimes muddy and wet trails
    Hey all,

    I live in Nova Scotia and just got a Trance 2. Tires that are on it are Nobby Nics (2.2" I think). Went for a ride on a great local trail but it was a bit wet in spots and the mud packed up pretty good in the treads and over wet roots - forget about it - 0 traction.

    Anyone suggest a good alternative. Keep in mind the trails aren';t always wet and muddy, but they will be from time to time.

  • 06-24-2014
    Very much personal preference.
    I like a tire with wide blocks on the rear for wet/rooty conditions. They're not the fastest for racing, but I really prefer them for climbing and moist conditions (PNW). FireXC, velociraptor, etc, are what we tend to run on our rears.

    For the front you can get away with a lot. For winter/spring grip I like the weirwolf 2.3 or other fairly aggressive 2.3 knobbies. Some tires don't brake well which just leaves you skittering and sliding around in the wet roots.

    For long rides and racing I give up on grip and run something lighter and faster. But the races around here are much less technical than my typical fun mtb ride, so it usually works out ok.
  • 06-24-2014
    You could try a Continental Trail King or Mountain King with black chilli compound.
  • 06-24-2014
    What elevation are you climbing/descending? What is your weight? How tough of a tire do you want? What weight tire do you want? Front and/or rear. Wheel size. How many miles do you want to go? Do you prefer traction over speed climbing? Do you race xc?
    Like women, tires are personal to what you want.
  • 06-25-2014
    Good tire for rooty, sometimes muddy and wet trails
    I bought specialized ground controls front and back 29x2.1" for sask. It been super rainy and my race kings suckedddd.

    The store didnt have the 2.3" i wanted but to be fair for mud you want narrow and my bike shop also said i should stay narrow to cut threw and get grip.

    So far no complaints. They grip amazing dry and rooty wet dirt trails. Wet mud holes they do great, slick almost dry mud sections they slide a bit but im sure anything but a full mud tire would. They do roll fairly quick as well which i was surprised with. I was surprised with these braking down hills, my race kings slid, brake full lock when it was wet, these will actually spin the brake and grip the trail.

    I did notice they were a bit stiffer being the body of the tire is 2" wide compared to 2.2" on my race kings but the tread is 2.1" wide. The stiffness doesn't bother me cause my 26er has stiff 2.1s on it as well.

    I read reviews and they said a do all tire. Hard, loose over hard, loose, wet. Does it all well.
  • 06-27-2014
    Slow Danger
    I've had my best luck with On-one's Chunky Monkey or mud tires like the Bontrager MudX or the Maxxis Beaver.
  • 06-27-2014
    Aloha, out here in Hawaii I've had great luck with the Maxis High Roller II's. The tires offer great cushioning when climbing and descending over the rocks and roots. Also, with the nice, wide profile, the offer the great grab through the slippery muddy stuff. Especially the slick stuff and over the slippery roots. Imagine a mud bogger vehicle, they run wide, squishy tires. I run this on a Turner so there's tons of frame clearance to there's never an issue of packing the frame with mud.