Just mounted tire and wanted to note a few things. I buy mostly Geax GATO 2.3 TNT for both 26 full squish, and 29er singlespeeded. Trying a little bigger Neuron 2.5 for summer. First tubeless tire that was difficult with floor pump. Soaped it and tried for 3 minutes, no dice. Used compressor and lubed beads with Slime Pro (instead of soap). Sealed up and popped beads in 5 seconds. Very easy with compressor. These tires have wire beads, so a bit stiff relative to folding. Mounted on XTR trail wheels they are 62.5 mm wide at tread block. Rims are 26mm outside of wall width. Cool looking tire, very excited to run this weekend at Downieville. Gato is 680 grams, this Neuron is 1290 grams, so I used less sealant to make up some of the difference, and got a hair cut. Haha. That is like 2 front tires! Well, I am in better shape than usual so I will ignore it. Will post review in a few weeks. I really love the Gato TNT tires, but they wear fast, as the rubber is very sticky, and soft.