I'm trying to decide which tires I should run. These would be mounted on an old ('86) Titanium DBR hardtail frame, which has limited clearance in the chainstays, so nothing over a 2.1 on the rear. I'm trying to keep weight down, but I'm not racing, so I'm willing to give a little of the weight back for rideability. I'm in Phoenix, hardpack, sand, rock, gravel, and loose over hardpack are the conditions here. I do a lot of street miles on this bike (60-80miles a week), so I'm leaning toward the semislick mezcals 2.1 frt & rr, plus they are lighter (490gms). If I went Saguaro's, I'd run 2.2 front (640gms) and 2.0 rear (550gms). I want speed/less rolling resistence, but I want good mtb performance for the days I run off road, just not sure the mezcals will cut it. Anyone with experience with these tires?