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    GEAX GOMA tubeless?

    Just got a set of 27.5 GEAX GOMA tires from a buddy. I was reading up on these and it sounds like there is a Tubeless version that is indicated by "TNT" or Tube/No Tube. I do not have these.
    My question is, is it safe to run these tubeless with Stans or should I try to swap for the TNT's.
    The riding here in Texas is brutal for tubes. I went tubeless Stans conversion due to endless punctures. Last tire I swappped had over 30 thorns that looked like the business end of a thumb tack sticking thru the casing.

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    A friend of mine runs a normal Goma in back tubeless with no issue. I think he got it by accident and just dumped Stan's in it and has been fine.
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