hey all, I am looking for a replacement 2.5" ust front tire to replace my hutchinson octopus mrc low (not available anymore). I was thinking about getting a geax dhea 2.5. I have had a 2.3 dhea , and it was good but wore out real fast, the only thing i didnt like was the profile, side knobs were not wider than the casing on my mavic 823 rim. Wasnt an issue cornering on the rear, but on the front it would wash out a bit in offcamber loose stuff. I really like the side knobs to stick out further than the casing for those situations, more of an "edgy" feel. I'm thinking the 2.5" on the 823 will be more rounded out, and give me the profile im looking for (casing narrower than the tread)...anyone have this tire on a 823 rim and can let me know, perhaps even measure the width of casing and tread? how do you like it on the front? another option is the hutchinson barracuda dh 2.5, mixed reviews and heavier... thanks.