2.35 Front, 2.1 rear. Both mounted on DT Swiss xr4.2D rims. Ran 30psi rear 28psi front. I'm 165lbs or so, bike is a Blur Classic with Fox F100 RLC front.

the 2.1 is MUCH larger than any 2.1 tire I've ridden before (Fire XCs, IRC Serac XCs, Velociraptors, and a few others). It's probably a "True" 2.1 tire. I've been too lazy to take calipers to it, I can if anybody really wishes to know. Suffice to say, I don't have much clearance on my 6 year old Blur!

2.35 is what you'd expect a 2.35 tire to be. The weight penalty over the 2.1 is notable - 610g vs 730g claimed.

Conditons used: Hardpack, roots, stream crossings, some dust, some loose loam type soil. Mostly rolling terrain, no ups or downs more than 300ft vertical.

Impressions: Tires are surprisingly quiet! They absolutely RAIL on banked turns and flatish turns - way better than the fire XC 2.1s I had on previously. Grip is 8/10 - I did get the front to understeer occasionally, but it was usually pretty predictable. Rear stuck like glue on uphills. I did notice the weight penalty or possibly some extra rolling resistance, my legs felt more tired after the same trail - but on the other hand, I cut a good 8 minutes off a 60 minute 10 mile loop, so I'm thinking it was more the weight.

I did find the limit of their traction the hard way once - and the only real negative (beside weight) so far - on off camber turns, the front tends to push a bit to the outside more than you'd expect. It dumped me into the soft loam on the downhill side with the front tire, causing a bit of a crash (and probably took 2 minutes of recovery and scrape rinsing added onto the lap too).

The rear was never in danger of slipping out and once I found the traction limit I never had skidding problems with breaking in the rear.

Overall impression: Good tires so far! I might want to try a 2.1 front and something a bit faster rolling (SB8?) rear for smooth terrain like I was on. I'll be testing them on rougher terrain this weekend if the weather cooperates and my Flu/Cold goes away.

Thanks Shiggy(?) for the recommendation!