I've had, hmmmm, a couple of weeks riding on a pair of these. I'm 74kg and I ride everything from very easy trail to pretty decent ones. For freeride and DH I use my other bike.

Last trip I had, under fast descent, front wheel skidded, hit a dry spot and the wheel regained grip, but the momentum of my body was another way. The result was a complete figure 8 on the front rim.

I didt crash into anything, they were two weeks old, they came on a new bike. There's not a scratch, dent (appart from the 8) or anything else wrong. It's just like they collapsed under pressure....

Are there any quality issues with these weels? I feel that they should withstand quite a bit more than this before they give in. I was much much MUCH meaner to my Bontrager Race Lite's...and they're still true!