ok, I'm looking to get some wheels built from chainreactioncycles, and I've got the front THE Eliminator spec'd up with a Halo Spin Doctor QR/20mmTA front hub and currently have the rear Eliminator spec'd up with a Sun Ringle Abbah S.O.S. rear hub. I can't seem to find much info about the current model year S.O.S. it is listed as having a 7075 T6 axle, but I can't figure out what sort of axle it uses, whether it is a QR or a through axle. also, does anyone have any experience with the current model year S.O.S. rear hub? there are a few threads that share people's experiences with them but the last post date is on average at least a year ago, with a few threads from '06, and stuff can change over the years. I don't exactly huck, but I like air time and it isn't uncommon for me to mash the pedals from a just about standstill in order to get the front wheel into the air. riding conditions for me are pretty diverse, ranging from hardpack when it is dry to soggy when the clouds display a particular dislike for me. my bike setup CURRENTLY is a '06 GT I-Drive 4 5.0 disk with a Manitou Trace Comp 100 boat anchor and mostly stock components, with exception of clipless pedals, an Azonic stem, and Ritchey WCS riser bars, but I do plan on doing a frame/fork swap to something longer travel and burlier in a few months and I want to be able to carry the current rims over to the new frame build, hence my getting a QR/20mmTA front hub