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    DTSWiSS ONYX hub - 36T Star Rachet compatibility

    I've had my DT ONYX hubs for a few years now and it needs an overhaul. I am thinking of upgrading to a 36T Star Ratchet. I can't find information that it is compatible with ONYX hubs. Does anyone know if it is? Thanks!

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    The Onyx uses a 2-pawl engagement system and while it is relatively easy to find replacement parts, any kind of ratchet upgrade will not work with this hub. I believe the DT Swiss 370 is a newer version of the Onyx and you would have to step up to at least a DT Swiss 350 to get the ratchet engagement system.
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    Not compatible.

    Wow, a few years? I blow up one or two a year. Cheap to rebuild, at least.
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    Nope...totally different design.

    There is no upgrade available for the freehub body.

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