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    DT Swiss FR600 + Hope Pro2 Evo spoke length problems/solutions

    To all those that might be thinking of building up this combo, I thought I'd post my experience with them so that you might be able to avoid wasting time and money as I had to do.

    I plugged in all the rim/hub/spoke data into DT Swiss' spoke length calculator, and it spit out the proper length spokes. 259mm, 260mm, and 261mm Comp spokes with 12mm standard alloy nipples was the result. Fantastic so far.

    Lacing went fine, but when tensioning them it became apparent very quickly that something was wrong. Almost all the spokes are running out of thread before pulling any amount of tension at all. Did I blow the data in the calculator? Both I and another person used multiple online spoke length calculators on separate occasions and we both came up with the same 259,260,261mm lengths. Dimensions of the hubs were checked, and they were spot on. Something else was amiss, but I didn't have a large enough set of calipers to accurately measure something like ERD.

    After having a friend who has worked in the industry and built hundreds of wheels for racing teams look at it, he determined that a set of 258mm spokes all around would work well. So I ordered a full box of 258mm DT Comps. They worked perfectly! 258mm for all sides, front and rear, gave the proper dish, proper spoke thread engagement, and all pulled to the specified tension.

    So anyone looking to build up an FR600 + Hope 32h wheelset, take heed!! 258mm all around worked well with the standard 3-cross lacing and standard 12mm alloy nipple length. I hope this will help someone out there avoid making the same blunders I made.
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    Did you use your own measurements of the rim ERD and the hub dimensions for the spoke calculator data?
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