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    Conti Tire Advice?

    Looking for some new rubber for my Anthem X 29er that came stock with Racing Ralfs. Looking at either Conti X-Kings or Mountain Kings. Not sure whether to go with 2.2 or 2.4 but leaning bigger since i hear they run small. Primarily just ride XC in NorCal so dry trails most of the year. Any recommendations?

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    They run small, but the X-king has rather good grip for the type of tread it has. It also rolls well.

    All mine are 26 inch and the protection version (has the black chili compound)

    The x-king and MK (version 2) runs a size small. So, the 2.2 is a 2.0 and 2.4 is 2.2ish (leans a bit towards 2.3 on 23 mm rims)

    My MK weights were 692 for the 2.4 and 654 for the 2.2

    I like the X-king 2.4 on my rear wheel. It will probably be my normal tire until the mud hits in the winter. The 2.2 did not have the volume I like for the rear wheel
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