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    Blue Groove UST, Nevegal UST or both?

    What would be better for the dry conditions we have in Southern California? I like the sound of the Nevegal UST based on all the positive reviews, but according to Kenda's website, the Blue Groove is "Perfect for dry conditions". Then of course there's the Blue Groove / Nevegal combination that seems to be pretty popular.

    Shiggy, I noticed you just added the UST version of the Nevegal UST and Blue Groove UST to your site. Please let me know what you think.


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    Neither, BG front and rear

    I have ridden all the combinations of UST Blue Groove / Nevegal and IMHO I have found that I like the BG front and rear the best. The BG has a rounder profile then the NEV and I like that. Better grip in the hard pack and rolls much better. For reference my local trails are Aliso, STT, Whiting, El Moro.

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    thanks for your insight. I ride the same trails so that's very helpful.
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