I've been running the Motoraptor 2.4s up front for a while and really like the big volume, low rolling resistance for XC racing in hardpack and scrabble over rock.

The only front tire I've used on the tubeless wheelset I got last year is the Bonti Jones XR 2.25 tubeless ready. I rate it about and 8 out of 10. I rolled easy enough and was good enough in the corners but lacked the volume that I had become accustome to. It is, however, very light.

I have not been keeping up with what is out there and a scan of this site did not answer my question ...so here goes...

What are some biggish (2.2 - 2.4) XC RACE tires for tubeless rims that have low rolling resistance and weight? Comparable to the Motorapture 2.4, for instance. Thanks in advance.