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    Best tires for tubeless ZTR Crest wheels and hard AZ desert riding?

    I currently ride on Maxxis Ignitors on my Tallboy with ZTR Crest wheels in a tubeless setup, and I am looking for new tires. I've gone through a few Ignitors, and I recently took off the front tire to clean it remount it because I was losing air almost daily and I was able to remount it onto the rim way too easily -- almost as if it had stretched. I'm assuming this is due to the tire getting old?

    My rides are on the McDowell mountains, and the terrain is very loose rock to hard jagged rocks, very little little sand or dirt. I've had a few sidewall cuts on the Ignitors from sharp rocks, and I am looking for new tires. I don't race, and am not a speed junkie, I'd prefer durability and something that is cost conscious.

    What recommendations would you guys have for tires that fit this situation? I know I can get ignitors for about $45-50, but is there something out there that is just as good or more durable for cheaper that I can run tubeless on the Crest wheels?


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    Most tires will stretch after having been mounted on Stan's rim for a while. The bead seat on the Crest is larger than ISO 622mm in order to have a tight, burp resistant seal.

    Your fairly in luck about cost since Stan's rims work well with tube-type tires which are the least expensive. But, adding sidewall protection will increase the cost.

    The basic tube-type GEAX tires work great on Stan's rims and have a fairly stiff sidewall.

    Wire-bead tires usually have a lower thread count which often results in a thicker casing. They are also less expensive, heavier and can be a little difficult to mount on Stan's rims.

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