So I've got a few tires and I'm trying to figure out which would be best (and am slowly actually riding them but to give each a couple test rides takes weeks as I don't get to ride every day)... I ride mostly Georgia clay hardpack, with the occasional rock garden, gravel section, and lots of roots throughout. Not too much mud/soft dirt, but I do splash through occasional dips that aren't set up to drain properly.

I had a pair of WTB Velociraptors from my old bike that did me pretty well grip wise, solid in the corners, but damn were they heavy, something like 800-900 grams each. I'm a small guy so the heavy rolling weight made it require a lot of effort to be able to keep the bike moving fluidly below me.

I switched to a pair of Bontrager Jones XC's which are a lot lighter - like 550g each, and the difference in agility of the bike is amazing. But the traction is not so good and unpredictable, and I lost footing on a corner I take often and slid out and crashed. Just a few scrapes and bruises, but obviously not confidence inspiring.

So I have the following, on and off various bikes I'm flipping, all with about 60-85% life left, and all about as light as the Bonty's:

Maxxis Ignitor XC
Maxxis Larsen TT
Maxxis Larsen MiMo
(2) Kenda Small Block 8
WTB Weirwolf (old style)
IRC Mythos II XC

I'm leaning towards the Ignitor up front and one of the Larsens or SB8's in back, or the Weirwolf up front and Mythos in back.

I also have the opportunity to pick up a pair of Kenda Nevegals with only 50mi on them for free (an hour's drive away), but they're the old wire-bead ones and i read they're as heavy if not even heavier than the Velociraptors.

Thoughts? Just looking for experience with these tires and an idea of what to try next...