• 04-23-2012
    Automatic tire inflation/pressure monitor system
    It's here... so you don't have to pump up when you hit the pavement or stop and let air out when you get to the trail.

    Tool lets bicyclists adjust tire pressure on the fly - Technology & science - Innovation - msnbc.com

    Only $1900 and doesn't play well with tubeless since it's CO2 based.
  • 04-23-2012
    At $1900 (the cost of a decent bike!), I think I'd rather just jump off of my bike and adjust tire pressure using a $20 hand pump like I do now.
  • 04-23-2012
    April Fools?

    Wait, it's the 23rd.

    This is quite the ridiculous contraption. At $1900 the cost eliminates like 99% of the mtb market. No weight weenie would ever touch it. The looks alone would be a turnoff to most. And by not playing well with tubeless, they alienate almost all of the potential buyers who would be anal enough to buy such a toy. This will be a tough sell at best.

    Thanks for the laugh.