• 01-07-2013
    Arch EX vs WTB frequency i19?
    I'm looking a new 29er wheelset, and was all set to get another set of Arch's. Reading up on the reviews of the new EX's though has me concerned about compatibility with TLR tires like Specialized and Bontrager. Has anyone had the chance to run both?
  • 01-07-2013
    I've got some of the prior model Arch and Flows (not the newer EX models) on two bikes, and a set of the i19's on another bike.

    Haven't had any issues getting a few different UST (some Maxxis and Specialized)and "tubeless ready" (some Specialized and Bontrager) tires to seat up on the Frequency rims at all. This is just with a bit of Stan's yellow tape, and maybe about 60ml of sealant, same as I'm running on the Stan's rims.

    Granted, they are all also 26ers, so YMMV. :)